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CEO Greetings


 Customer Satisfaction and Quality-first Policy!


From starting specializing manufacturing business producing machinery automation and design, exclusive apparatus, industrial robot in February 1987, by now Dnet has grown into RF and Microwave specializing business, that it is the export-promising minor enterprise that has tried and grown constantly with continuing R&D activities and establishing quality system since its organization of company.

All the more, on a basis of the accumulated technological know-how and well-organized product system, Dnet is also exporting to international security equipment company and 20 centuries in the world with specializing Microwave(Radar) sensor module, Microwave(Radar) sensor light module, Microwave motion detector, Microwave motion activator. radar detector.

We promise that customer satisfaction and quality-first policy must be given priority over than anything else and together, we will try our best to strengthen international competitive power.

Thank you. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                Dnet Co.,Ltd. CEO/Stanley,Park

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