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PIR & Microwave Motion Detector(Outdoor)

• Model No. : DND-5000L
• Industrial grade polycarbonate housing and bracket for heavy duty installations.
• Twin Dual Element PIR & Microwave Sensor.
• Dual axis tilt sensor for full anti-vandalism protection.
• ASIC based electronics for ultimate performance and stability.
• Greatest immunity against visible light and RFI EMI sources.
• Up to 25m detection range & IP65 rated .
• Exceptionally easy installation by simply tilting and locking the unit to the alignment requirements.

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Product Detail



   Products Model
 Model  No.  Model Name  Local Frequency  Input Power  Output Signal  Remarks
 Double Dual Pir & Microwave 
 Outdoor Motion Detector
 10.525GHz  10 ~ 16Vdc  NC / NO Relay   Dual Pir + Microwave
   Product Description
 Specification  Type  Remarks
 Detection Method  Double Dual element PIR & MICROWAVE(Radar)  Outdoor Detector
 Power Input  9.0 to 16.0 Vdc  DND-5000L
 Current Draw  Start-up: 28mA ¡¾ 3mA
 Standby: 23mA ¡¾ 3mA
 Active   : 20mA ¡¾ 3mA

 WA Mirror Pattern  90.5¡Æwith 30 zones detection  
 Alarm Period  1.8 Sec (Max.)  
 Alarm Output  Form C(Relay Contacts)  N.C & N.O
 28Vdc 0.1 A with 10 Ohm series protection resistors)
 Normal Close / Normal Open
 Warm Up Period  120 seconds(Max.)  
 Operating Temperature  -35 ¨¬C ~ +60 ¨¬C
 Dimensions  192 mm x 153 mm x 251 mm  
 Weight  550gr  




   - Double Dual Pir & Microwave Outdoor Sensor(Model No. : DND-5000L)

      Full pattern double mirror optics.

     • MW detection based on Doppler concept.

     • FET based strip line antenna.

     • VLSI based electronics with movement speed spectrum analysis.

     • N.O. & N. C. Relays switched at the same time.

     • Height installation calibrations free, from 1.5m to 3.0m

     • Pet and small animal Immunity up 40kg.

     • 6 levels of MW and PIR sensitivity adjustment.

     • Environmental immunity.

     • Temperature compensation.

     • Micro controller signal processing.

     • Tamper protection.

     • Sound indication for walk test and intruder detection.

     • Unique waterproof and seal plastic design.

     • Detection Range : Up to 25 ~ 30m

     • Detect human intruders walking or running.

     • No maintenance required.

     • High RFI/EMI Immunity.

     • Protection from: direct sunlight, wind up to 30 m/sec, snow and rain, small animals, removing the top cover, housing pulling out

       or destruction. 



   The rest  


    The ¡°DND-5000" offers a unique combination of varifocal mirrors, ASIC based electronics and durable enclosures for 

    stable performance and reliability in various outdoor high security and CCTV applications.

    The ¡°DND-5000" includes unique triple technology sensors, combining twin dual element pyro-sensors and microwave technology

    for ultimate stability in harsh environment applications.



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